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Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby, St. Agatha, Maine

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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 110
St. Agatha, Maine 04772
Physical Address:
42 Cleveland Road
St. Agatha, Maine 04772
Telephone: (207)543-7862
Fax: (207)543-7306

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of all local roads including snow removal on year-round maintained roads including three State-aid maintained roads.

John Picard- Public Works FormanJohn Picard
John has been with the Town of Saint Agatha for about 6 months. He came to the Town after being employed with Maine Military Authority in Limestone for 17 years. He resides in Saint Agatha with his girlfriend and 3 boys.

Roger Chasse was hired in 1991 as Heavy Equipment Operator for the town's Public Works Department. altMr. Chasse was formerly employed by a large construction/road building company and brough many years experience in the operation of heavy equipment.

The town owns several pieces of heavy equipment including 2 dump trucks with plows, a loader, a grader and a four-wheel drive pickup truck.

Get in Touch!

Telephone: (207) 543-7305
419 Main Street, PO Box 110
St. Agatha, Maine 04772
Hours: Monday Through Friday 8:00-4:30